Commercial General Liability Insurance in California

Business in California

At John Shafer Insurance Services in Santa Ana California, we can tailor a commercial general liability insurance plan to give your business the coverage it needs.  Insurance for your business can protect against those unexpected losses that may arise during business activities. 

A general liability insurance policy can help protect you from lawsuits that your business doesn’t expect along with claims against your business.  Some other reasons to get California general liability insurance include:

  1. Security:  getting the proper insurance early and complete will give you peace of mind as you grow your business and won’t be taken down by an unexpected lawsuit. 
  2. Protection:  Many California small business owners invest their entire life savings into their operations; only to lose a considerable part of their investments in a legal battle. One of the surest ways for you to give your start-up business the protection it deserves is to obtain ample liability insurance
  3. Lawsuits:  unfortunately anyone can sue for anything today, even if it is frivolous.  There is no telling when a law suit against your small business will arise, resulting from errors arising from negligence or malpractice.

Let John Shafer Insurance Services protect your Santa Ana, Phoenix, San Diego or Washington DC area businesses with the proper general liability coverage.

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