Finding or Picking an Insurance Agent/Broker

Insurance agent

Finding or picking an insurance agent/broker seems to be the fastest choice one makes. In today's times, we go online to get an insurance quote. We then get five or six quotes back and the lowest one wins. Understand, price is the driving factor on picking your insurance company, but are you getting the right insurance agent/broker?

One simple question, if you needed brain surgery would you go to the cheapest surgeon without interviewing, researching and asking questions? Insurance is protection for you and others and your insurance agent/broker can and/or should put a plan together that meets all your needs. A good insurance agent/broker will let you know what you have to risk so you understand why you need the coverage.

Some important things to know about an insurance agent/broker. An agent, in most cases, represents one insurance company or must submit to a main company. If rejected can take the business to other companies. The insurance broker with an independent insurance agency does not work for any one insurance company. They are able to quote many different companies at one time to provide options in price.

Some questions you can ask your insurance agent/broker

  • How did you come up with the coverage you quoted?
  • What is your renewal process?
  • What insurance companies do you offer?

Your insurance agent/broker is there protecting your assets. You should know them and be able to talk with them. If you do not feel comfortable with your insurance agent/broker, you may want to find a new one. Do not wait until you have a major loss to find out your insurance agent/broker is not right for you.

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