Top Property and Liability Claims for Small Businesses in California

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Small businesses can have claims relating to injury, liability, or other damage.  Carriers have found that many times the costliest claims are not always the most common.  If businesses can be aware of the claims, you may be able to save yourself from undue costs.

Here are some of the costliest claims and ways to prevent them:

  • Burglary & Theft - try conducting background checks with new employees to see if any red flags show up.  Also, do an evaluation of your building for proper lighting or installing a security system.
  • Water damage - make sure key employees are aware of where the water turn-off value is in case of a water problem.  Flooding can be a very costly claim amount for any business.
  • Fire - make sure and check your fire detection & prevention equipment regularly.
  • Slip and Falls - keep the proper safety pieces clean.  Maybe put in mats in high traffic areas in your building.
  • Product or Cyber Liability – make sure you have protection with product and / or cyber liability coverage.
  • Vehicle Accidents - always screen employees driving records.  Make sure all your commercial vehicles have the proper coverage to cover a claim from an accident.

Let a John Shafer Insurance Services expert help you find the best business insurance coverage at an affordable rate to hopefully avoid any of these losses to your California business.

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